Spiritual Path Celtic Cross

Would you like to get a ‘read’ on where you are in your Spiritual Path, what challenges you are facing, and the advice coming from the Universe, without having to discuss any of your personal details with me?  Are you comfortable doing your own research and reflection on guidance that comes your way?  Are you looking for a ‘second opinion’ on what you feel intuitively in regards to your Spiritual Path?

If so, a Spiritual Path Celtic Cross Tarot reading may be just the option for you!

I’ll use my twenty-year connection with the Universe to pull the ten cards of a Celtic Cross spread and apply my Spiritual Path experience to interpret what I see.  I’ll provide you with a photo of the spread & cards and either an e-mail write-up or a Skype discussion of what came up (scroll for scheduling options.)

This service is for you if…

  • You already actively work on your Spiritual Path (otherwise the results may not make much sense)
  • You are willing to be open-minded and do some research / reflection on how the cards may apply to your life, specifically
  • You are looking for an ‘objective,’ third-party to corroborate or contradict what you think you are feeling intuitively

This service is not for you if…

  • You are looking for relationship, career, financial answers – this reading will be focused on your Spiritual Path and the particular challenges you may be having related to your path.
  • You are looking for a ‘psychic’ to tell you the future / or give you the “answers”
    • I have a strong connection to the Universe built on a twenty-year relationship.  I have 100% confidence in that connection and that the cards that come up will be the right cards for you.  However, I only have three years experience working with Tarot and I would not classify myself as a psychic.  I can explain what I see based on my Spiritual Path experience, but only you will know how the cards best apply to your life.
  • You are unwilling to do any reflection, research, or journaling on the results
    • What comes up may not resonate right away – or it may be referring to aspects of yourself you do not want to see.  When we have a dialogue (as with the other appointments) these sorts of things will come up organically as part of the process – but when I’m just pulling cards something may “plop” rather unceremoniously and uncomfortably in your lap.  It is up to you to determine how seriously you’re going to take it and what you’re going to do with the guidance.

Below are the options (scroll for more information about the Celtic Cross spread);

With an “EMAIL” appointment – you are paying for my time to pull the cards and write up a detailed interpretation of each card and the spread overall that will be at least 1000 words, probably more.  Turn-around time for e-mail reading is three business days.  There are no follow-up e-mails or clarifying cards – however, you are welcome to schedule a 30 or 60 min follow-up appointment to talk about the cards at the standard rates of $63 or $127, respectively.

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With a “TALK” appointment – you are paying for me to pull the cards, have a ‘high-level’ interpretation in mind, AND have an hour appointment where we discuss what came up, questions you have, possible alternative interpretations, clarifying cards, etc.  With a “TALK” appointment we will work on the interpretation together based on your particular situation.  In this case you will need to either take notes or record the session.  I will send you the photo of the spread and close-ups of the cards, but no write-up.

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More information on the Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross is a Ten Card spread (usually done in the form of a Celtic Cross – hence the name) where each position has a different meaning.  The meanings I use are below;

  1. Present situation – What’s going on right now
  2. Challenge or Obstacle
  3. Past
  4. Near Future
  5. Above – your conscious mind’s idea / attitude on the situation
  6. Below – your subconscious mind’s idea / attitude on the situation
  7. Advice from the Universe
  8. External influences – Situations, people, etc. that are external to the self
  9. Hopes / Fears – in my experience, thus far, one card has represented both hopes & fears vs. one or the other
  10. Outcome – What will happen if you continue on your current course