Light the Way Mentoring Sessions

Do you consider yourself spiritual, but not religious?  Are you a “self-help” junkie looking for something more?  Maybe you’ve dabbled in yoga or drumming or meditation, but you’re still not sure what you’re meant to do with your life.  Here’s some good news:  You don’t have to belong to any particular religion to connect with your personal Spiritual Path (and if you already have a religion you’re happy with, that’s fine too).  Even better news:  connecting with your Spiritual Path will help you build a strong, meaningful relationship with yourself and with the Universe.  It will deepen your personal relationships and guide you to happiness and success.  Schedule an appointment to talk with me about how you can bring the various pieces of your life together into a cohesive whole!

This service is for you if…

  • You have some experience with a regular meditation practice
  • You feel like you’re ‘meant’ to do something, but you don’t know what
  • You want to understand why you’re here on Earth and why your life is the way it is
  • You are seeking career, relationship, or other success and it feels like something is “blocking” you

*Please note* there is no way we would be able to resolve all of these things in a single session. The purpose of the session is to start connecting you with your spiritual path so that you, yourself, either on your own or via follow-up sessions can find the answers you seek.

This service is not for you if…

  • You are unwilling or completely unable (we can talk about some ideas here) to set up a meditation practice
  • You are unwilling to take a critical look at yourself (you believe that others are the source of all your life difficulties)
  • You want a ‘quick fix’ or ‘short answer’ for your life challenges
  • You are looking for me to “tell” you the answers to the questions above – versus helping you get them for yourself

I am not a psychic and this is not a psychic service.  The purpose of this service is to help YOU connect with your spiritual path.  I do not believe there is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula.  Via consultation, we can determine what are the best next steps for you to take to connect with your Spiritual Path.