Everything is Now

Everything is Now

Recently, I’ve been on an LBL kick.  For those of you not ’in the know’ 😉 LBL stands for life-between-lives and describes where the soul goes (and what it’s doing) between incarnations on Earth.  My recent foray into Michael Newton’s books on this subject has stirred up a lot of interesting meditative explorations for me and thus I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog that’s dedicated to examining some of the ideas in Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.

One concept that comes up repeatedly in these books is that, between lives, souls reside in a space “outside” of time.  Newton refers to this as “the coexistence of past, present, and future time in a spiritual setting.”[1]  However, I would argue that the spiritual world is not happening “outside” of time.  Rather I think at the energetic level of existence there is understanding of the fundamental truth that there is no such thing as “time” apart from motion.  Time is our mechanism for differentiating between motion that has already happened, motion happening now, and motion that will happen. It’s purely an aid to understanding – although in this case it actually might be inhibiting understanding. Before I can further discuss what I think is happening in the spiritual world or layer, though, I should probably offer a little explanation around the way I understand the concept of “time.”

Somewhere slightly more or less than a decade ago, my husband and I had been having a spate of discussions about what it meant to be a “wizard” in The Lord of the Rings universe vs. the Harry Potter universe, basically focusing on the differences in what various characters were able to do and / or not do with magic.  This led me to reflect on how, although some ethereal concepts (like magic) are portrayed very differently across artistic work, some are portrayed exactly the same everywhere.  For example, whenever a show displays “time stopping” all on-screen activity freezes.  So I further questioned – if all motion in the universe, everything known and unknown, every particle however great or small, were to stop moving – would anything meaningful, such as time, pass?  The answer I concluded was “no”. Thus I came to my belief that time does not exist apart from motion, they are intricately tied together

Frozen in Time

Unlike Time with a capital “T” which we often see as linear (past à present à future), motion is relative.  Thus, time “passes” differently for particles moving at different speeds. If that sounds strange to you, consider that we have a number of everyday examples which illustrate this.  For example, if we put meat in the freezer the motion of particles in the meat that cause decay slow down.  Thus, time is “passing” at a different rate for your steak than it is for you. Or, let’s say you buy a piece of machinery, but leave it to sit idle for a number of years.  Although you won’t be able to stop ALL motion for that equipment (depending on the environmental circumstances), if you store it in relatively pristine conditions without use, once you start using it, however many years later, it will be as if virtually no time has passed for the machine. Meanwhile, the world around it has kept on moving and changing.

If you take the above premises as true and agree that any individual object’s (or being’s) experience of time can be different from that of it’s surroundings, we can begin to use that idea to examine the experience in the spiritual world.  The Spiritual world appears (according to Newton’s research) to be energetically based.  It makes sense to me that fluid or “released” energy moves faster than “fixed” matter.[2] In fact, we know this to be true from basic science.  When studying the states of matter, we learn that the particles caught up in a solid are immobile or moving very slowly.  Liquid particles are more mobile and bounce around more quickly, and gas particles are the most mobile and move very quickly.  Further, we have calculated the speed of light energy to be 186,000 miles per second – that’s pretty darn fast! In my college Astronomy class we learned that looking at distant stars is actually like looking back into their past, because their light takes so long to get to Earth. For example, in the case of Alpha Centauri, the closest star (at one light-year away) what we see ‘now’ when we look at it through a telescope is what happened on the star a year ago. Adding these ideas to the ones we’ve already laid out about time, we can see that in the energetic state motion would be much more fluid and could be extremely fast compared to the motion of activity on Earth; thus allowing souls to do perceived “years” of work in seemingly minutes of Earth time.  Or potentially, such fluid energy could be slowed down or stopped; allowing a soul’s re-entry to Earth to be timed to a very specific drop-point, or birth.[3]

 The Future is Now

Another reason this is worth mentioning is because, although we have difficulty understanding how one can predict the future when we’re thinking of time as some sort of entity in it’s own right, we can all understand that there’s a predictability to motion.  If you can accurately understand the motion of an object, you can predict it’s future. In reality, we are all predicting aspects of the future all the time (sun rising, setting, people getting older, etc.).  Our understanding of the “motion going on around us is often limited, though, so our ability to predict future events is also very limited. In Journey of Souls, Michael Newton notes, “I was puzzled why my subjects did not fully see the future… as part of an all-knowing spiritual setting.  In trying to sort this out, I finally came to the conclusion that the spirit world is designed to protect the interests of each soul”[4]  While I certainly can’t claim to know how the spirit world is designed relative to the interests of a particular soul, I can offer a possible answer to why Mr. Newton’s subjects didn’t fully see the future – even in an “all-knowing” spiritual setting. As I noted earlier, our ability to predict the future is limited by our understanding of the motion of things around us.  Presumably, in a spiritual setting like the kind of place Michael Newton is referring to, the understanding of the motion of all things in the universe is much greater.  But, if we agree that time doesn’t exist apart from motion[5], then there is no future that “exists” yet so pieces of a future can be predicted by what’s already been set in motion, but there will always be a chance that things could change[6]

Some Things are Timeless

Another quote from Michael Newton that refers to time in the spiritual world is, “In the subconscious state, my subjects experience a chronology of time with their past and present lives which resembles what they perceive when conscious.  There is a change when I take them into superconsciousness and into the spirit world.  Here they see the Now of time as one homogenous unit of past, present, future”[7]  I believe what is happening here is that, in the superconscious state, Newton’s subjects have lost their ’sense’ of time and thus they are perceiving everything as motion.  In their awareness of the direction and flow of the energy (which they, themselves, are a part of) they understand how things came to be the way they are and what they will become, but there is a wholeness to this understanding that doesn’t require the concept of time to make sense.  I know this is probably confusing, the closest I can offer as a way of understanding this concept is to imagine buying and planting a package of flower seeds.  On the cover of the package is a picture of beautiful blooming daisies.  When you look at the picture, it is unlikely that you will think that time “made” the flowers look like this, rather you will recognize that their “future” is a function of what they are, not a function of time.  In fact, if you were to plant half the seeds in the packet and leave the other half on your counter, in the time it takes to grow the planted seeds, nothing is going to happen to the seeds on the counter because time alone is meaningless to them.  For the planted seeds, though – various things are required for them to become beautiful flowers like those pictured on their packet; soil, water, air, nutrients, etc[8]. When you see the lovely blooms in your garden, you are likely to understand on some meta level (although maybe not on a precise scientific level), how all of these things came together to “make” the daisies before you.  Time is the way we understand the difference between our experience of the daisies when they were just seeds and our experience of them now as flowers, but there is no real force, such as time, that contributed to them being what they are. [9]  If you can see in this example how the “becoming” of something can be “apart” from time – perhaps you can see how, when connected at a very deep level, a person can understand their own life – and even further their own soul’s trajectory – in such a way.

To wrap up, I believe that in the energetic “soul state”, the soul no longer has a need for the concept of time and thus it becomes unimportant.  Rather, the soul understands that it is energetic flow and direction (or motion) that explain where the present has come from and what the future will be.  So what does that mean for those of us still here on Earth?  Not much, I’m afraid. I enjoy thinking puzzling through the mysteries of the Universe, but, like many of us, I work in the sort of field where all people care about my understanding of time is that I show up for meetings appropriately and don’t miss work deadlines.

Post script: If you’ve been studying my footnotes you will realize that I talk about Michael Newton’s books in plural (both Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) but all my quotes come from Journey of Souls. This happened to be the only book I had with me when I was gathering quotes. However, I did do an index check and re-read portions of Destiny of Souls as part of writing this post. I did not find anything during that effort that I felt either added value to or made me reconsider what has already been presented here.


[1] Newton, Michael Journey of Souls <insert publisher>p160

[2] Although I have asserted in other places on the blog, and do in fact believe that everything is, at heart, energy – it does seem that some energy is more ‘fixed’ than other energy. Some energy does seem to be ‘locked up’ in a physical state while other energy is free moving. The Alchemists were hinting at a like understanding of the world, I believe, when they spoke of having to ‘release the soul’ of a physical object like a plant or stone.

[3] I will discuss this more in an upcoming post about Newton’s concept of “The Ring of Destiny” a place in the spiritual world where we study and choose our future lives.

[4] Newton, Michael Journey of Souls <insert publisher> p212-213

[5] And in fact, it seems that Michael Newton himself understands this when he says ,“It makes sense to me that time, rather than being an absolute of three phases is only an expression of change.” but the way he talks about time elsewhere in the books and the sorts of things he doesn’t understand suggest to me, at time of writing, he didn’t fully grasp the implications of this statement.

[6] I will elaborate more on my thoughts on how this works in upcoming post about free will vs. fate

[7] Newton, Michael Journey of Souls (insert publisher) p195

[8] if you have a Christian background, as I do, I am sure you have not failed to recall the New Testament story about where seeds fall and how they grow in relation to the “Word” taking root in people’s hearts – if that adds an additional layer of meaning to this analogy for you – you are welcome to it.

[9] And if you saw Violets instead of Daisies, you are likely to think that the seeds were mis-packaged and were, in reality, Violet seeds.  You are not likely to think that the Daisy seeds grew into Violets – because at a deep level you recognize that the seeds are the germ of the plant’s existence.

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    1. Hi 🙂 I know what you mean – right now I work full time, have a two year old, am pregnant, and my husband works full time and is studying for his masters part time… reflecting on that and the ‘time’ concept after I was able to really write down my thoughts about it – I decided to take the idea of ‘movement’ and try tackling the problem from a different perspective (as you mention) like ‘what needs to “move” in my life for me to have more space for writing?’ or something… I haven’t found an answer yet, but it’s always good to try different things until something fits, right? 🙂 Thank you very much for the link 🙂

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